Guide to Pup Personalities

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Guide to Pup Personalities

Post by Kindwing » Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:38 pm

~Welcome to my guide of pup personalities!~
In Slough Creek, I've come to notice that the pups have personalities and will act certain ways. They are all individuals. Some can be a bit derpy, some are brats, and others are leaders who are followed by the other pups!
1. Lazy pups
During your journey, you may find that one or two of your pups simply refuse to move! They just sort of lay down in one spot until your mate picks them up and drops them off by you. They'll probably be the first ones to get eaten or taken away unless you pick them up, and they can make the trip longer and harder. My youngest pup, Moon, still somehow managed to make it.

2. Bratty Pups
Yes, you heard me, there are bratty pups. They're a bit greedy and sometimes act lazy. My first born pup, Star, was a brat. I think since she was an albino she thought she was all that.. Anyway, they beg for food the most, regardless of how hungry they are and how much you feed them, and often try push the other pups out of the way during feeding time. They're sort of a, "Pssh, I'll follow you on this trip if I want to," kind of pup.

3. Leader Pups
Yay leader pups! If you have a leader pup, your pup is probably the healthiest and strongest of the bunch, and the other pups (if they're not brats or lazy^) follow him/her. There's a good chance they stay close to you, and since the other pups follow, it is a really good thing to have leader pups!

4. Derpy Pups
"Kindwing help! I'm scared I have a derpy pup!" Well if your pup is very laggy, gets lost often, and constantly end up getting itself into trouble... Then yes, you do have a derp pup. I take back what I said about the lazy pups. The derpy pups are doomed. Forget about your mate, this pup may drown itself if you don't keep an eye on it!

5. Quiet Pups
Not much to say about these because well... they're quiet. They may or may not follow you, like I said the pups are all individuals. They just don't do that much. Not in a lazy sort of way, it's just that they may sort not play alot with their siblings when you pause and take a break.

6. Smart Pups
You might not have one of these, but they exist! These pups tend to stay close to you and don't wander of the one moment a bear or eagle comes near :D Some of these pups may even cross the river on their own! Be thankful for these pups and don't let them die!!
Well everyone, I hope you enjoyed this guide! If you know other personalities of pups, feel free to let me know!


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