Multiplayer Packs- What They Are and How to Lead Them

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Multiplayer Packs- What They Are and How to Lead Them

Post by DerpBacon » Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:21 am

A majority of WolfQuest multiplayer games are based on a pack or packs. This short guide will teach you about these packs. If you just signed up for a WolfQuest Community Forums account and you want to learn more about these packs, read on.

Table of Contents
1. What is a WolfQuest Multiplayer pack?
2. Joining a Pack
3. Roleplaying
4. Learning the Members
5. More than five members???
6. Leading a Pack

What is a WolfQuest Multiplayer pack?

A WolfQuest Multiplayer pack is basically....a pack in Multiplayer games. Usually, the leader of the pack is the owner of the Multiplayer server. It's up to him/her to lead his/her pack throughout the game. The Multiplayer packs usually consist of five pack members, but it isn't uncommon to have more.
Anyone can join a Multiplayer pack unless it is a private server.

Joining a Pack
Joining a pack is fairly easy. Most of the time, you just join the server, describe your character, and you are automatically a member. Other times, you have to earn a rank in the pack by roleplaying your joining.

After joining the pack, you earn a rank and you can begin roleplaying with the others. Here are some tips to act like a pro pack member:
1. Be literate. Try to keep text talk out of your roleplaying session. Only use 'LOL' and emoticons when needed. Be descriptive of what your wolf is doing, may it be running, sleeping, talking, etc.
2. Stick with the roleplay style. You wouldn't want your wolf talking in a realistic wolf pack roleplay. In the real world, wolves cannot speak, smile, frown, etc. You also wouldn't want to fly or shape-shift in a semi-realistic wolf pack roleplay. Act like a real wolf in a realistic roleplay. Have your wolf talk and have emotions in a semi-realistic roleplay. Use superpowers in a fantasy roleplay.
3. Refrain from swearing. Mild swear words could be allowed by the server host if it isn't abused, but try to keep swearing away from the chat box and the roleplay.
4. Don't hog the attention. A pack roleplay is supposed to focus on the whole pack, not one certain wolf or pup.
5. Don't ever ask or beg for a mate. In the real wolf world, mates are earned by maintaining and growing a relationship, not by asking a random stranger. Never ask or beg for a mate regardless of the roleplay style.
6. Good manners make other users enjoy you being in the pack.

Learning the Members
When you spend a few minutes in a pack, you grow used to the members and their wolves or pups. But sometimes you could forget their ranks or what they look like. In case you forget, it's fine if you ask the user what their wolf looks like or what their wolf's rank is.
A Multiplayer pack's ranks are usually alpha, beta, delta, subordinate, and omega. However, other ranks have been heard of. Here are the most common:

More than five members???
Five users, including the server host, can join a server. Most of the time, there is one wolf or pup per user, but like I stated in the first chapter, more than five wolves and pups have been heard of.
'How is that even possible?' you may ask. When you first hear it, it might sound crazy, or that even a ghost is haunting these certain servers!
No, there aren't any ghosts haunting WolfQuest. The explanation on how there are more than five characters are in the users who play the characters.
Some people prefer to play more than one character. There isn't a law on character limits, so this offers opportunities for players who want to play a whole pack. Yes, a whole pack! It's all possible.

Leading a Pack
This chapter is for anyone who wants to start their own server and make their own Multiplayer wolf pack. Some make a thread in Pack Central, with websites and all, but most just think of a name for the pack and make a Multiplayer server. When you set the name and ranks for the pack and set up the server, you have a pack on your hands already! Now that your wolf is a leader, you need to go to the next step in managing a pack successfully- the pack's members, of course!
Wait for people to join your server. When one joins and describes his/her wolf, the user can either automatically join the pack or have to roleplay his/her wolf's joining. It's all up to you, since you lead the pack and host/own the server. When four other users join the server, no one else can join. The next step is to choose your pack's territory.
There are three unclaimed territories in Slough Creek- Saddle Meadows, Bison Peak, Creek Den, and Aspen Heights. There are no dens in Amethyst Mountain. You don't have to choose a territory that has a den in it. You can even just be a nomadic pack and journey the map instead of sticking to one spot! It's all up to you.
Once you decided your pack's territory, you have to give out ranks to your fellow users' wolves. Once that is completed, your pack is finished and ready to be roleplayed in!
Here are some tips to make an interesting pack that's fun to roleplay in:
1. Have a good plot. Sure, having a pack with no dangers and hunting everyday is fun, but your members can get bored easily. The most common plot twist: hunters. Second most common: enemy pack invasion.
2. Keep your pack on its toes. Hunt, travel, fight, host contests, and so much more. Everyone loves a pack that continuously has lots of fun and action!
3. Treat your fellow users' wolves slightly differently. For example, you treat your beta respectfully, but you don't exactly like one of the subordinates. Different types of relationships are instant plot makers.
4. Enforce your rules and WolfQuest Multiplayer's rules. Although you have a ton of fun roleplaying, traveling, and hunting, you still have to make sure that no one breaks the rules. Bending the rules MUST BE REASONABLE. If someone breaks the rules, warn him/her. If the user still breaks WolfQuest Multiplayer's rules, you can take a screenshot of the player breaking the rules and email the report to

Being part of the pack can be tough at times, but it's a ton of fun and very enjoyable. Perhaps you can grow a bond with your pack! :wink:

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