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Is This Real? - The Guide to WolfQuest 2.5 Easter Eggs

Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:40 pm
by DerpBacon
Have you ever saw some WQ gameplay and saw zombie pups, a secret den, skyrocketing EXP, and white pups? Do you want any of this? Then read on.

The Albino Pup and Skyrocketing EXP
This is a two-part chapter, as both Easter Eggs need each other to activate their 'powers'.
The albino pup is a WolfQuest pup that takes some work to get it. All WolfQuest pups have a dark mud-brown pelt, but you can have one wolf pup stand out with a snow-white pelt.
Getting an albino pup starts in Amethyst Mountain. You first need to defeat three wolves, one from each territory, and get a mate. Once you found and named your mate, go to another pack's territory. I highly recommend Slough Pack (Grassy Plains) territory, as it is the easiest to attack. Find a wolf in the pack, and fight it. When the wolf is about to surrender to you, quickly open up the Options menu (ESC). Go to Pack Stats and look at your EXP. The EXP number should be changing rapidly to a higher amount. If it is not changing, go back to the game and try again. Do not let your opponent complete the action of surrendering to you. You will eventually have skyrocketing EXP.
Once you have a very high amount of EXP, you'll be able to unlock the albino pup. As I stated in the beginning of this chapter, skyrocketing EXP and the albino pup go hand-in-hand. Now, go to Slough Creek and pick a den. Once you finish naming your pups, you'll find a pure white albino in the litter.

The Secret Den
In Slough Creek, there is a fourth den. It is near Bison Peak Cutoff. You can find this den in both Single Player and Multiplayer. Even if you can travel to it, you can't choose it as a den to live in. You'll need to unlock it with EXP so the territory can appear on the map as a fourth den.
Repeat the process of getting skyrocketing EXP (see above). Then, go to Slough Creek. Open up your map (M) and look on the right. You will see a fourth green circle (unclaimed territory), signaling that the Secret Den, also known as the Slough Creek den, is available for new wolf families and packs.

Zombie Pups
This isn't as useful as the other WolfQuest Easter Eggs, but it sure is funny! Who wouldn't want a hilariously cute zombie pup in their litter? You can even have a whole zombie litter!
Before getting a zombie pup, you need a mate, a den/territory, and, of course, your pups. Look for a bear nearby. Once you find one, pick up the pup you want zombified. Run to the bear, facing the bear's front. Let the bear attack once or twice, then run away. Drop the pup, and look at him/her. The pup now has a zombie-like pelt! If you want a full zombie litter, repeat the steps with every pup you have. The only downside to the zombie fun is that when you quit the game, the zombie pelts aren't saved, even if you save your game. Once you go back to your pups, they'll have their normal mud-brown pelts. You'll need to zombify them once again!

Human Items
Like the zombie pup WolfQuest Easter Egg, human items don't do anything to your stats. However, these items add some 'dun dun dun!' moments to your Single Player or Multiplayer games.
You don't need to unlock human items with EXP. They are found in the Slough Creek map, and there are eight human items in the game. There is a sign, a fireplace, a wheel, a pair of boots, two footprints, and a cattle ranch in the game. So far, the cattle ranch is the most useful human-made location, as you can hunt a calf (baby cow) for you and your pups' health.

How to get the secret den?

Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:57 am
by MimpiDreams
That is easy.Follow my steps.
(You must find a mate first.)

1.Go to Amethyst mountain with your mate

2.Go to stranger wolf territory.

3.Fight with the wolf to say "I give in"

4.When the wolf leave press "esc" and look the experience points and click when it reaches 50 000

5.Save the game and go to slough creek

Ready you will get four dens and albino pup.