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Single Player and Multiplayer Framerate

Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 2:55 am
by Davidlc
Hello Everyone. On WolfQuest, most know it takes an excellent computer to have great frame rate. I would suggest that if your frame rate is pretty low and glitchly looking, you may want to look at your possible problems. It could be: viruses, malware, trojans, too many programs running at once, and even that you need a better processer for you computer to handle the gameplay. Most of us, including me have great computers, and if you expected more out of your computer, look at the screen resolution on the start-up menu of WolfQuest, because if it isn't where it should be, it WILL slow your computer down. The frame rate should always be at least 18.5 to look realistic, and if you have lower than that, you may have what I have written earlier in this post. In multiplayer, your frame rate will be lower than it was in single player mode because more data files have to be sent to each computer on the server, so that also slows things down. Also, the more the players, the more the game's frame rate will slow down. So far, the lowest frame rate i have seen is 3.0 and that is bad, after i cleaned my computer of viruses and that type of stuff, WolfQuest ran correctly and a lot more faster than it did. Just be sure to scan your computer of anything that may have made WolfQuest less enjoyable. Happy to help.