♥Helpful Wolf Quest Tips!♥

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♥Helpful Wolf Quest Tips!♥

Post by Spazilton » Sat Feb 06, 2016 7:52 pm

Want to know how to be the next Black Wolf? How about a know-it-all player? (In a good way) Then read on!
And just to let you know I did not think of all these tips myself. I got most of them from other posts, so make sure to check them out too!
▐▐▐ Amethyst Mountains▐▐▐
The starting point for your Yellowstone wolf's great adventure and quest to start a pack
╬ Wolf Interaction Tips ╬
▐ Fighting▐
• When in the arena, you should be able to notice the wolves' chests going up and down, like they're breathing. It may seem pretty useless, but it's actually very helpful! When the wolf's ( of which you are trying to fight ) chest gets smaller, or the wolf is breathing in, attack it. That will do much more damage then if you were to attack it while it was breathing out
• There is a way to make other wolves more submissive. If you want to make a wolf more submissive ( or dominate the wolf as it says in the game ) You need to go up the wolf and say " I want to be boss." If the wolf says "I'm no threat to you" or says something and whines, it means you have already dominated this type of wolf. But if the wolf says something like "I'm boss, back off." Then you say "I'm boss, back off." Until the other wolf says "I give in!" When that happens, you have to say "Leave now!" And when you make it run away the arena text bar will say shortly "You have dominated this wolf" NOTE: If a wolf tries to fight you to the death, that wolf can not be dominated.
╬ Finding a Mate ╬
• So, if your a little bit new to Wolf Quest, this tip is for you. When you finally find the prefect mate ( different gender, dispersal, and not too aggressive ) you want to make them fall in puppy love with you. To do so, you have to say these things in these orders. To know you are doing it right I will put what the other wolf would say
Dispersal Wolf: " I'm not sure about this "
You: " Hello there."
Dispersal Wolf: "Hello there."
You: " I like you."
Dispersal Wolf: " I like you."
You: " Let's play!"
Dispersal Wolf: " Let's play!"
You: " Let's start a pack!"
Dispersal Wolf: " Let's start a pack"
You: " Let's start a pack!"
Dispersal Wolf: " Let's start a pack"
And then it will say " The wolf becomes your mate"
NOTE: This is not a finished topic and I will be making an updated and/or completed one a little later. Thanks for deciding to click on this topic :P
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