(2.7.2) The Ultimate Guide to Predators

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(2.7.2) The Ultimate Guide to Predators

Post by Sunset-Light » Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:19 pm

If you play an outdated version of WolfQuest, some of the info below may not apply to you.

I constantly see "What's that bird?" and other threads like that in the help forum. I also noticed that there were plenty of raising pup guides that talk about predators, but no guides that actually explain about the predators of the game, so I thought I'd step in and make one.

First off, to cover the basics. There are many predators in the game, whether it be the hated eagle or the well-known coyote. Some are cowards, (*Cough cough* Bob in v2.5) and others are fearless... however, all of them will go for your pups. So, what exactly can you do to protect your offspring (and yourself)?







Ugh, coyotes... how many times have I lost pups to them?

Coyotes will pose no threat to the player, or the player's mate. However, they will seek out carcasses unguarded by you, or other players, if you're in multiplayer. If another animal besides a fox is near the carcass they're aiming for, they will sometimes run away. An uncommon sight is a fox and a coyote eating a carcass together. Coyotes can be killed in relatively 3-4 bites. (this number can decrease depending on your wolf's strength, and if you have a strength bonus from a successful multiplayer rally.) If your wolf has very low strength, killing the coyote can take as long as around 6-7 bites.

In Slough Creek: Spring, coyotes WILL try to kill the player's (or players') pups, first appearing in the "Defend Den" mission. No matter how much damage you inflict on the coyote, no matter how far you chase it, if it is targeting a pup, it will continue coming back until either the coyote is dead or the pup it targeted is dead. The only way to rid of this common, irritating predator, is by killing it. Coyotes are swift and fast, so try to keep your pups close to the den so if a coyote comes, it cannot run to one side and instantly kill your wanderer pup.

Grizzly Bears

Isn't it so nice, when you're having fun, playing with your pups.. then bam, a bear comes and beats you up? That'll be the day, when I finally enjoy it...

Grizzly Bears will attack the player if they get within reach of their claws, and can kill the player in about 3-4 hits. If the player runs out of their range, then the bear will resume whatever he/she was doing, whether it be walking around or eating. Bears not targeting pups can be chased off in 1-8 bites (I've seen stubborn bears that took around 8 bites to chase off.) A good method of chasing off this predator is by biting at them from behind, darting out of range, darting back in again, bite from behind again, and so on until the bear flees. It is not possible to kill bears, unfortunately. There was a glitch in versions 2.5 and lower where you could kill a bear, then it would be in an idle standing motion and eventually sink into the ground like all dead things besides non-used-up elk carcasses (and hare carcasses) do. As of 2.7 and higher, the bear's health cannot fall beneath 25%, making it impossible to kill it. Once a bear is fixed on eating a carcass, it will eat all of it, unless you chase it away.

In Slough Creek: Spring, Bears will go for the player's(s') pups, first appearing in the Defend Den mission. It is recommended to have full health before attacking a bear, as one that is targeting your pups is harder to chase off as you cannot get it from behind, or else your pups' risk of dying increases greatly. If you don't have full health.... just try not to die. However, hit the bear three times while it is targeting a pup, and it'll change its mind about having your pups for dinner.

Predator Wolves

These guys, are just... bleh. Keep that territory marked!

Predator Wolves, aka Stranger Wolves, will invade your territory if your territory meter falls below 75%. They will target and kill your pups if you're not careful. Chasing them away is relatively easy- just chase after them and give 'em three good bites. They cannot be killed, as after you give them three bites, they'll run for the hills. Like coyotes, they will keep targeting your pups until the pup that they targeted is dead, or the predator wolf has been chased away.

Golden Eagles

Death from above!

What's that huge bird?! Yes, it is a Golden Eagle. They will only appear during the final mission, or if you're playing on Bring It On! whereas the Golden Eagle will target your pups while you're still at the den. If a golden eagle targets one of your pups, stay close to your pups. To chase it off, back away from your pups a bit, but not too far to the point where the eagle can easily snatch your pup. When the eagle lands to grab your pup, charge at it, and you'll know you've chased it away for sure if you get the message "You chased that eagle away!" If the eagle successfully gets one of your pups, the message "Your puppy, [pup's name], will die soon" will appear, and a few seconds later, you will get the death notification "Your puppy, [pup's name] has died." After successfully grabbing a pup or being chased away, the eagle will fly away and despawn, only to come back sooner or later to attempt to feast on your pups again. The eagle cannot be killed, only chased away. If the eagle targets a pup and you're still at the den, try to get your pups as far away from the den as possible before the eagle lands, because it can go through the den, whereas you cannot, and it can easily fly through the den and kill a pup that is close to it. (Yes, that actually happened to me once, and a pup died.)


Not much better than bears..

Cougars have similar behavior to bears, as they will attack the player if the player gets in range of their claws, and will seek out carcasses to eat from and will not stop eating it until the carcass is used up. However, they can run extremely fast, so therefore faster wolves have an advantage. They can kill the player in 3-4 hits. Unlike bears, however, cougars can be killed, with lots of patience. Cougars lounging on rocks pose no threat to the player and will simply growl and hiss at the player if the player approaches the lounging cougar. Cougars can be chased away if bitten a few times.

In Slough Creek: Spring Cougars will target the player's(s') pups. Once they are targeting a pup, they turn around more quickly to fight the player and require three bites to chase away. The cougar will not go away until it is chased away or the pup it targeted is dead. It is recommend to have full health before fighting this predator. Cougars lounging on rocks pose no threat to the player or pups.

Is there anything I missed? Questions? Comments? I will gladly accept them.
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