Guide to Experience Gaining- The Quick Way

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Guide to Experience Gaining- The Quick Way

Post by PearlyReborn » Sat Mar 04, 2017 6:16 pm

In 2.5, gaining exp was easy, all you needed was a pretty simple (and broken) glitch involving a stranger wolf. But in 2.7 and onward, that glitch has been fixed, and you really want that white puppy, or maybe you want to be Pack Elder. You've been hunting elk for about an hour but your experience is gaining at an exasperatingly slow crawl. What to do?


That's your answer. In one day I soared from 700 exp to 7,000 by just chasing bears in Amethyst Mountain, and now you too can learn how to gain all the experience. All of it!!!!!!!! ::::)

First, you need to be on Amethyst Mountain. Near spawn, there is a bear spawn, a pool labeled High Ridge. This should actually be renamed exp farm. Walk up to the pool, and a bear should spawn. Bite it in the rear. If it doesn't run away then, back up, wait for it to turn away, and bite it in the rear again. Repeat until it runs. It doesn't take long, and by the time it's done, loop back to the pool and another bear should spawn (it may take a few tries). Each bear is 200 exp, and it takes less time than elk hunting. You'll have the white pup of your dreams in no time.
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