How to find Moose on all maps

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How to find Moose on all maps

Post by SheWolf17 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:30 pm

If you are in the mood to find a Moose in WolfQuest, and you don't know which places are best for find them, I'll give you tips here!

I don't know if this post is in the right forum, I'm giving tips (as it says in the forum name) feel free to let me know something! :roll:

Well, as everyone knows, the Moose may appear randomly, but there are specific places in which they usually arise...

:arrow: Remembering that for Moose to be easier to find, it should be at the following times: Dawn or Dusk

Amethyst Mountain:
1. River and "Soda Butte Vista"(Wolf Territory): The two fighters can appear next to the river or near the territory "Soda Butte Vista"
2. Douglas Fir Forest: It is not very common, but a Moose (Bull or Cow) may appear there!

Slough Creek (Spring and Winter):
1. Canyon Cliffs: This is the most famous place to find the Moose, in the Multiplayer (if you are the "Host") as soon as you start the game, go straight to that place, the Moose will appear
2. Old Oxbow
3. SandBar Crossing
4. Bison Peak Cutoff

Lost River:
1. HillTop: The fighters will appear there too!
2. Grant's Glen: Cows may appear
3. BCE: Floppy moose

:idea: Tip: Let the game music on! the music will tell you when a Moose appears :wink:

These are the most common places to find a Moose, and sometimes, none can be found easily!
I hope I have helped someone with this post! :moose:
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Moose Hunt Guide

Post by Fu sheng » Sun Apr 07, 2019 6:56 pm


Moose hunt definition: finding and killing moose.

Types of moose:
Cow - female moose
Bull - male moose
Fighters (image: - a pair of male moose fighting each other. Randomly spawns in a fixed small area.
Floppy (image: ... 269_hq.jpg) - a cow moose born from an pre-release blooper teaser.

Maps available for moose hunt: Amethyst Mountain (Fighters only), Slough Creek (Cows and Bulls), Lost River (Cows, Bulls, Fighters, and Floppy)

Moose spawn location (click link to see image):
Amethyst Mountain-
Slough Creek-
Lost River-

How to Moose Hunt

Step 1: find a moose

Step 2: one wolf (one with lowest strength suggested) get as close as possible to the moose without going into its hit range and stay there to distract the moose. This is called Anchoring (verb: anchor) .

Step 3: the one that anchors does not move. Others go from the moose's back and hang onto its rump, hold the back button/draw joystick backward while hanging, so when you let go, you would immediately back away and has a bigger change dodging the hit. Warning: when you are hanging directly behind the moose (sideways excluded), do NOT, make a turn-around when you let go, because it would be almost certain that you would get hit. Just back away.

Step 4: rest, regain your stamina, and repeat the process until the moose starts to run.

Step 5: bite the running moose as if you are hunting an elk. Warning#2: only brief nips, do NOT hang on because it would drain your health in a lightning fast speed.

Step 6: be careful, the moose would make a sudden stop by the time its health drops to a certain point. No image of the health bar for now because I'm lazy, but when you are playing, you could stay behind and watch the experienced moose hunters, pay attention to their actions when the running moose's health are getting very low. [/size] [/color]

Step 7: when the moose stops, repeat step 2 & 3 until it dies.

Things You Want to Know

1. Step 3 does not always allows you to escape. Sometimes your internet and the host's internet does not sync, and would cause you to get hit even when you already went far away.

2. When you get too close to the Fighters, one of them would run away, and we call that one the Runner . The other one would stay put, and we call that one the Winner .

3. We usually go for the Runner first, and one wolf stays with the Winner , just so it doesn't wander off and we couldn't find it later.

4. When hunting the Fighters in Lost River, make sure the Runner doesn't go down from Hilltop, because it should become a food source that supports you to fight the Winner afterward, you wouldn't want to run too far to regain your health. (This does not apply if you already got enough food on Hilltop)

5. When hunting moose in Lost River, AVOID ENTERING ANY ELK HUNTING GROUND AND SPAWN THE ELK HERD, because it would interfere the moose spawns, causing little to no moose to spawn, and sometimes completely stops the spawning. However, if one accidentally enters and spawns the herd, time change to get rid of the herd after they gets out from the hunting ground.

6. If moose no longer spawns, it means that the server is dry . Restart the server to solve the problem.

7. Floppy only spawns in the enclosure during night time. Search other websites to learn how to get into the enclosure because I'm lazy...

8. Best time to hunt moose is during Dawn and Dusk. Moose does spawn during other times of the day, but less frequently.

9. Bull moose takes 2 hits to kill you. Cow moose takes 3.

10. All cow moose gives 500 exp. Lost River and Amethyst Mountain bull moose gives 400-800 exp. Slough Creek bull moose gives 100-500 exp.

Pro Tips

Coming soon. Comment if you got any.


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