Basic Guide to Generation Playing (2.7.3)

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Basic Guide to Generation Playing (2.7.3)

Post by Sunset-Light » Sat Aug 25, 2018 6:49 am

You may have heard of a somewhat well-known fanmade challenge for WolfQuest known as generation playing. Generation playing is generally defined as a way to play WQ where you create generations of wolves by just playing through the main game. There are many different ways to do this, but we’ll start with the basic rules.

---You may use this challenge in all versions that you can have pups in. (v2 and up, but 2.7 is the best option.)

---The most important rule; when a certain amount of litters is completed, you must use one of the pups from the litters to replay the game.
(After completing a litter, you have to create the living pups as adults in the wolf creator. Try to be as accurate as possible with each heir's pelt colors.)

---You cannot reload the game to save a dead/dying pup. (Not required, but generally used. In the situation where a pup dies after the player dies and reloading the save file is necessary to continue, this rule can be ignored temporarily for this exception if you don’t have any added challenges that prevent reloading files completely or the heir only having one life.)

--If you choose to follow the above rule, then all of the pups in a litter dying is considered a game over for that litter. You can move on to the next litter (or choose your heir if it was the last litter) and won’t get any possible heirs from the dead litter.

---If you have lost all of the litters out of the number of them you chose to do and you have no heirs, you have several options:
--Make a new pack.
--Keep having more litters until you get at least one heir.
--Let one of the current heir’s siblings find a mate and have one litter.
-If the sibling’s litter dies, keep having more litters until you get a heir OR choose another sibling and repeat the process.
---You must gain enough experience to name the pups. (2,000 EXP)

Some things you will have to determine yourself are:

---The number of litters the heir and their mate will have.
---Extra challenges.
---Who the heir to your pack will be.
---What each litter’s difficulty will be.
---The den you choose for each litter.
So, let’s say that I have a wolf, Wolf1, who created a pack. She has three litters with her mate, Wolf2. Wolf 1 and Wolf 2 are Generation 1. The three litters are Generation 2. Now, let’s say that, out of the twelve pups, eight survived. I would create all of the surviving pups as adults after each litter and after going through the three litters, I would pick the heir to the pack and repeat the process. Simple.
You will have to determine any extra challenges you want to add on to your generation playing challenge. Here are a few examples:

---Not being able to hunt in winter.

---The current heir (the wolf you are playing as) will only have one life. If the heir dies, then you must pick a new heir from any surviving pups, or, if there are no potential heirs, then you can count any pups that were alive when the heir died as potential heirs, or play as one of the dead heir's siblings.

---Only having a certain amount of pups in one litter (less than four) by killing off one, two or three pups at the start.

---The current heir’s mate is dead, so the heir has to raise a litter of pups on their own in a private multiplayer server. (Note: If you choose to do this and you’re not on your last litter, you might want to have your current heir get another mate in AM after you finish the single-parent litter. This is so you don’t have a zombie mate for the rest of the litters.)

There are many other things you can do, such as use a random number generator to determine the litter’s difficulty, the den used for the litter, who the heir will be, etc...

You can bend the rules of generation playing to spice up your WolfQuest experience however you desire, as it is a personal challenge, but this is just a basic guide to get you started. Happy hunting!
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