New Coyote by Michael Bergey

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New Coyote by Michael Bergey

Post by pawnee » Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:25 pm

note: its about a coyote but it features mostly wolf/lupine characters...hence why I put it here.
I did post a review and that stupid 'refresh' thing happend and I started all over agian. so i`m lazy and just post the online stuff.

[quoteNEW COYOTE is a coming of age story, albeit one with an animal protagonist. Coyote, also affectionately called Sin-Ka-Lip or Stinky, has the mind of an eleven-year-old child intertwined with the instincts of an animal. He bows to the dictates of his Human Guide, Mooney, but does take some liberties with her decrees. As one can imagine, Coyote doesn't talk to just anyone. First, because it would freak out someone who didn't know his background and second, because he doesn't want to be thrown into a lab for 'testing.' His origins are part mystical and part science, and his good friend John is happy to relate the story of Coyote's beginnings on occasion when nicely asked."

"Secondary characters, including Mooney, John, Mouse, Mr. Burrey, and Fox to name but a few, are key to the story's plot as each changes the course of Coyote's life and future in both small and large ways, but always humorously. I'll be honest; I was a bit wary initially about whether or not I would like this book. However, Stinky is an engaging beast, I soon found myself caught up in his story, wondering what he would get into next."

"Take a plot, throw in a few adventures, a beautiful female wolf, and magic, stir well, and you get the humorous story of NEW COYOTE."
--Romance Reviews Today, August 2005 (Romance Reviews Today )

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Re: New Coyote by Michael Bergey

Post by karii1 » Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:25 pm

sounds cool
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