Wolf drawing and painting books

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Wolf drawing and painting books

Post by pawnee » Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:04 am

Considering some are posting articles on ' how to draw' and whatnot, I thought I would write about wolf drawing and painting books...its kind of my two cents on which one is worth the money and which is actualoly helpful.

Wildlife Painting Basics: Wolves, Foxes, & Coyotes
~ Jan Martin McGuire

This book has some background on it, as the artist has painted for numerous organizations and clubs relating to wildlife. It more so focuses on painting and looking at the big picture than focusing on one aspect. She gives you some photos, examples of sketches and behaviour as well as tips on formating an image to make it look realistic.

I found the simple tips to adding effcts to paintings...like the use of sponge, plastic and whatnot were ingenius yet simple. I like this book and I own it but it could also have imporvments.

For instance, I found their wasn't enough on basic wolf anatomy...she gives you some photos and sketches, but its not really enoughif you want to dive deeper. Secondly, the paints she chooses to use in her tutorials are probably the most expensive paints I've ever heard of and you can mix your own cheap ones to get the same effects instead of going out and buying them.

I also wish she would have more photos...I found the photos in her book detailed more so on fur flow than actual anatomy or bone structure.

How to Draw Animals
~ Jack Hamm

I was rather disapointed in this book. Mine was really faded in the inside so it was difficult to read. Also the author devotes one third of the book to felines while canines get a few measily pages...their is a whole chapter on animal movement and a large portion devoted to cats and horses but its like the author got lazy on his canine chapter and decided to cut it...

The wolf in this book is poorly done in my opinion. While the author has realism in his other tutorials, he gives a very cartoony look to his wolf, which he admits to do doing so, in order to fit the people's concept of a wolf. Its simply a head tutorial and the porportions are skewed. I've seen waaaaay better images on the WQ art galleries than whats in this book. I guess the author decided wolves don't need bodies, as he never goes into detail about it. The money is not worth it unless your intrested in other animals besides wolves...mainly cats and horses,

Drawing Wildlife
~ J. Amberlyn

This book is more so like the one above in terms of style, but way better quality. The author gives you mainly North American mammals, but their more desriptive in behaviour than the above book details.

Their is a nice little section on how to draw a wolf, as well as little tips to drawing and some sketches of skulls and movement. One of the main tutorials is how to draw a standing wolf, as well as large chunk of the canine section devoted to coyotes. The main pet peeve I have about this book is how the artist incorportated one of her fictional characters into the main section of her coyote page....

if you have any other books relating to drawing/painting/scultping wolves... please tell!

a neat step by step look at painting an arctic wolf

http://www.blackhorsedesign.com/how-to- ... c-wolf.php
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Re: Wolf drawing and painting books

Post by -Glacier- » Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:29 pm

I just had the book "Drawing Wildlife" by J.C. Amberlyn. I thought it was a good and helpful book, and I like it a lot better than some other animal drawing books I've seen.
I found the tutorial, "How to draw a wolf" from the book:
http://www.mightyartdemos.com/mightyart ... erlyn.html
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Re: Wolf drawing and painting books

Post by VanishingPawPrints » Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:52 pm

Thank you for posting this! I have been looking for wolf books, but there are none devoted complete to wolves. I think the main reason is because wolves are just the wild ancestors of dogs. Sure they look different, but still have similar looks, and behavior.
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Re: Wolf drawing and painting books

Post by Griffinsong » Thu Nov 12, 2009 8:48 pm

There's a rather good pencil animal drawing book, with a rather large canines section, that I own.... can't recall the author at the moment.

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