The Legend of glowfly

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The Legend of glowfly

Post by Glowfly64 » Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:49 pm

The Legend of Glowfly is about a simple she-wolf with a not-so-simple life. She lives in a tribe called the "Icy Flame Tribe".
Blaze-A gray wolf with a reddish tint. He thinks he's something special because he is the chief's son. He is very arrogant and is a taddle tale.
Glowfly-A sweet, modest wolf. She is the main character, and her best friend is Snowy.
Shadowleaf-A much nicer wolf, he is Blaze's brother. There is much sibling rivalry, and they often fight.
Bat-Bat is quite blunt, but is very sweet. He comes up with crazy ideas and inventions to try and convince the wolves he is smarter than they think.
Snowy-She is very secretive and shy. She has only opened up to Glowfly because she saved her little brother. (Who is unknown, but why?)
*Please note characters will be revealed in the story.
When storm comes to town-Comic 1
When another pack comes to town, Snowy gets a secret love! But what happens if her secret love gets out to Blaze?
Page 1-
Page 2-
Page 3-
Page 4-
Definitely will add more!

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