Wolf of Shadows and Wolf Totem

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Wolf of Shadows and Wolf Totem

Post by pawnee » Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:00 pm

Wolf of Shadows is written by Whitney Striber and was inspired when a reader wrote in asking "what happens to the animals?" from his earlier book about nuclear war. Wolf of Shadows is a short read but Striber`s knack for writing about animal behaviour make it intense. Even though Wolf of Shadows is an outcast of his pack, the author does an excellent job of seeing through a wolf`s eyes. Wolf of Shadows lives on the fringes of wolf terrirtory but when he watches a bomb hit a Minnesota city, he tries to tell his pack to run away. No one believes him, and he watches as a biologist and her daughter escape to the country and try and survive in a post apocolyptic world. Many people and animals die, and eventually Wolf of Shadows adopts the two humans into his small pack and leads them to a southern paradise. Its a hard read to find, but well worth it.

The author of Wolf Totem won a nobel rpize for his writing, and the book is coming out in english in april. I don`t know what its about other than a man understanding wolves and people in mondolia.
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Re: Wolf of Shadows and Wolf Totem

Post by Lupen » Mon Mar 03, 2008 5:15 am

im a big time reader its books are the only things that dont run away from me! i have to check that book out :mrgreen:
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