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The Book Club - Wolves Edition

Post by ArourialEyes » Tue Sep 20, 2011 2:35 am

Hello There!
Welcome To The Book Club,
If You have a Awsome novel Involving wolves
Post It On Here
And Explore the Wonderful World Of Books!
I Watch You
Through My Camera Lens
And Caught on Glazed Paper is your
Silky Pelt
And I Long to Touch It
If Only Just Once
And I Am Swept Away
By Your Crisp Gaze
Befoe I Realize just how Out Of My Reach
You really Are

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Newborn Wolf
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Re: The Book Club - Wolves Edition

Post by she_wolf_ » Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:28 am

Hi guys, i send there the first part of my story. I wrote it myself, but i think it's little like "White fang" by J. London in some moments. I hope you are interesting this novel. The next part will be in nest week.
(sorry for all mistakes, i am just learning english :mrgreen: )
White Wolf
Once upon a time, in old dark forest, was lived the small pack of wolf. The alpha female was the intelligence, red wolf, and alpha male was the big, strong, wise, grey wolf. In one time the another son of alpha pair wanted to go and find the mate.
He walked few days and few nights. In one day he saw the another wolf, she-wolf, propably lone too. He trotted to her, but then she ran. He followed her until he came to her pack. She was in this pack. When he approached, the other wolves chased him, so he held on the sidelines. However, still followed by the package, because SHE walked with a pack of wolf. It is not known whether it was love or just instinct, but from each other does not differ much. In time, following the herd, when he had to hunt to survive, learned a lot. He grew the experience, strength, and increasingly tormented him constantly waiting for possible occasion.
Finally one day when he hunted the lame deer and ate a lot, used the opportunity to compete for a position in the herd. No one knew then what power resides in him, even himself.
After long battles for position, took third place from the alpha male. SHE was the second. Finally began to pay attention to him (not without his efforts.). Less than a week has passed, they went on two look for the adventures. ... be continued...
Just she-wolf(and of course sorry for all mistakes, im just learning english, cause im not from USA)

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