The White Dingo, an Aussie Spook Story

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The White Dingo, an Aussie Spook Story

Post by Tarbtano » Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:49 am

Note: This story has many version across the world

Disclaimer: This story contains descriptions of violence that while toned down considerably; may be unsuitable to young readers.

In 1870, there was once a small town roughly 50 kilometers from Port Darwin*, in what is now the North Territory, Australia. No one lives there now, but if you traveled back to the those days; it was a thriving community. Its populace was mostly made of simple folk. Farmers, Sheppard, a few ranchers, several trappers. The town itself was also not too large, with most people living out on their properties. The only sizable buildings in town was the bar, sheriff's station, doctor's clinic; and the butcher.

But, if you traveled just a Roo's hop** from the bar, you'd find a small carpentry shop owned by a retired trapper named Roger. He was a homely man, not in his prime; but not especially old either. Problem was he was smashed drunk so frequently, hardly anyone came to him for business.

Now shearing season for the local sheep was coming up, as was the calving season for the herds of cattle. But then, after a night with a New Moon; something went wrong. Sheep and young calves were found the next morning, torn apart and eaten. Losses were so high, it would take a full two years to replace the dead animals so far, and more turned up dead each night.

The towns people needed the killers stopped, and fast. Not wanting to turn away from their business though, they found the one man who could ride out to Darwin and find someone to solve the problem. Roger.

Unfortunately, when Roger road out, he packed more then his share of drinks. By the time he reached Darwin he was so flat out drunk, he fell off his horse. When he managed to reach the town official (after full two days after he arrived in town), his speech was so slurred that instead of

"We got a sheep problem in our county"

he said

"Mee rout a dhenpo inounty"

The official was hard of hearing, and miss heard it as

"We want a dingo bounty***"

To drunk to figure it out, Roger road back to town with the dingo bounty. The townspeople, thinking this meant the livestock killers were dingos, believed it.

Roger didn't need much convincing to join in on the culling once he sobered up. Dingos were abundant in the are and he still had his old traps and poisons. Killing one dingo made him more money then carpentry did in a whole month. By the end of the month, there wasn't a single dingo in sight. Roger, now a wealthy man as he killed the most dingos, was praised as a hero

For 2 months, all was calm. Then, something went wrong. A dingo DID appear. It was large, and white, and seemed to appear out of nowhere. Bullets either seemed to miss it entirely, or just not phase it. Frightened, the townsfolk again turned to Roger.

Fortunately he wasn't too drunk that day, and put together a plan. He bought a single, small lamb from a herder; and tied it down in a clearing to act as bait. Roger loaded his shotgun and sat down under a shady tree nearby, waiting for the dingo.

But then, for two days; Roger didn't come back to town. Thinking he got drunk again and fell into a sleep-coma, Sheriff John went out to go and check on him. He road up to the clearing to a puzzling sight.

There was the lamb, not a scratch on her, grazing on a shrub. Had the dingo not come?

Then John spotted a figure propped up against the tree. It was sitting with his head down, a shotgun laying a meter away. On a path leading to the tree, a set of dog-like tracks appeared from nowhere and lead to the figure. The shotgun was partially snapped, both barrels fired. Leaning down and propping the head up, John saw a grizzly sight.

The figure was the dead body of Roger, large bite marks adorning his throat.

The white dingo was never seen again

*Now called Darwin, current capital of Australia
**A term to describe a short distance, similar to 'as the crow flies'
***Dingo Bounty: A bounty put out to kill dingos in exchange for money, sometimes up to the equivalent of 40 USD per dingo, a lot of money back then
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