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Red Wolf Live Cams

Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:07 pm
by SolitaryHowl
There are quite a few great live webcams you can view, that has Red Wolves and Mexican Wolves, both of which are critically endangered if I'm not mistaken. The private wolf center where the cams are located is located in New York.

Links to some of the cams:

- That one (above) is excellent for hearing the sounds of howls of the wolves in the center. It's a pipe, I believe, so it amplifies the sound.

- The one above is in one of the enclosures for the Red Wolves. I've gotten excellent footage of them howling and playing there.

- This one above is in the 2nd Red Wolf enclosure. Haven't seen anybody there yet, but I hear howls coming from there from time to time.

The cams are the most active during the morning, late afternoon, and at dusk. At night, they all get pretty quiet.

LINK to official website of the wolf centre where these wolves and the cams are:

NOTE: In some computers, the cams freeze after the first second or two. Just hit the stop button and then hit the play button to fix this.