Blood Brothers~ An upcoming animation

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Blood Brothers~ An upcoming animation

Post by Frodo1 » Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:34 pm

So as you probably noticed, I did not make the release date listed here for quite a while. I also found that I was rushing the animation, and I wasn't happy with how it was coming out. So, I've been reworking Blood Brothers, and hope to release it sometime in the coming months :)

Greetings, everyone!
I thought I'd drop in and tell you about an upcoming wolf animation that I'm making for a college class. It's called Blood Brothers, and will be debuting on YouTube within the coming months. Blood Brothers is a short (<4 minute) animation about a wolf pack, and specifically about two brothers within the pack. Although the story does include some personification and anthropomorphism, I am still trying to maintain a healthy balance of realism, especially when it comes to physical matters. I'm doing my best to preserve anatomy and realism in movement, and am also trying to stay as true to wolf behavior as I can, given the personification involved.

You can find out more about the movie and follow its progress at any of these links:

Facebook: ... 122349792/
YouTube: ... 7V1tK20AjA
-more may be added-

Make sure to check out the links for exclusive development art and teasers!

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