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"Return to the Wolves" sees success in Chinese cinemas

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 9:38 am
by Koa
New documentary about orphaned wolf cub dispels misunderstandings about wolves
By Wei Xi and Huang Jiangrui, Jun. 22 2017

Cut from more than 1,700 hours of home movie footage, Return to the Wolves tells the story of artist Li Weiyi and how she discovered an orphaned wolf cub, which she names Green after its jade-colored eyes.
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Has anyone else heard of or seen this "documentary"? I'm assuming the prospect of anyone here having watched it is unlikely. I am having a difficult time just finding articles on it. There is a page dedicated to the documentary on the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival website here, along with a trailer. I cannot view the trailer at the moment, but if anyone else can, a description of what it is like will be appreciated.