norтнern ғroѕт - м:4 - new + accepтιng! ❄

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norтнern ғroѕт - м:4 - new + accepтιng! ❄

Post by Noxeon » Sat Dec 10, 2016 12:46 pm

The site is not officially open for roleplay yet, but we are open for pre-joiners!
We are also optionally giving away high positions for pre-joiners.
The first two can start with a level 3 rank,
the next three joiners can start with a level 2 rank!

wєlcσмє, wєαяy тяαvєllєя
------------ Are you ready to face your destiny?
- Please read the following links on our website before sending an application -
Rules - Creating a Character - More About Totems - The Bloodlines
The story section is really long, so it has been condensed into a hide / show to keep the thread looking neat.
---------- συя รтσяy ----------
The story begins in a land forgotten by time, somewhere deep within the wilderness of Alaska. A place nestled between two large mountains, mt. Akiak and mt. Koko, who sheltered the valley from the unruly outcasts who lurked in the beyond. It was a vast, beautiful sanctuary filled with forests of evergreen and running rivers. To most, it was a place that went unnoticed and unnamed, but to the residence, it was a home they simply referred to as the valley.

What separated this location from its surroundings was the feeling of comfort that took over those who entered. While nature still governed the land with its wild ways, it seemed much more calm, and most who found a home there were friendly especially compared to the rogues who inhabited the other side of mt. Akiak. It is said the wolves lived in peace with all of the different creatures of the realm, including the humans at one time. Each was gifted with their own unique traits and abilities, and everyone was respected for that reason.

Because each of these creatures believed that everyone was united, each was represented by a spirit animal. The humans celebrated the tranquility between the creatures by building structures for each of the spirit animals, which came to be known as totems.

However, the tale goes on to tell the humans one day betrayed the others, becoming selfish, and only caring for themselves. Over many years, the humans forgot the alliance they had formed with the animals, as well as the totems. They began to take more and give less, leaving fewer resources for the other animals to survive. Eventually, it became a struggle for the animals to live in these lands, and many were forced to retreat.

Most forgot about the totems, as well as the land it originated from. The wolves watched as their home became unable to sustain their needs. One by the name of Asiavik decided to gather a group together, and retreat even farther north than the valley. This is the beginning of the kingdom now known as Northern Frost.

It wasn’t long until the wolves settled in a suitable land, though it was nothing compared to the paradise they once knew. Eventually, Asiavik and her partrner Eska grew old, and left the pack in the hands of their children, Skye and Midnight. At one point during their reign, the forest was burned to ashes, and the wolves were forced to retreat once again. Though this is now viewed as a kind of blessing because it was then they stumbled upon Nakariave.

There they established a sanctuary for any wolf looking to escape the hardships of the world beyond. As the throne was passed down through the generations, the kingdom grew in great numbers. For years they were at peace, but this peace did come at a price. Envious individuals lurked in the shadow. They wanted Nakariave for themselves. Like the kingdom of Northern Frost, the enemy pack also grew in numbers and strength.

Then came the great war. Blood was shed across the ice and snow of Nakariave, and Northern Frost fought to protect their home. However, the pack was not prepared for an ambush at the time. The enemy chased them away, into the frozen north, a place many found uninhabitable along the coastline of the arctic. There was nothing but a desert of snow that stretched beyond the horizon, and no sign of a home for many moons.

The battle had already made them weak, and many wolves fell prey to the frozen wasteland. The pack reached their new home in numbers significantly smaller than before their retreat. It was a place that could not be compared to Nakriave or the Northern valley, but nonetheless, it was a place which would sustain the pack for generations to come.

The survival rate of the pups decreased tremendously, as the environment among the small mountain range was harsh compared to their previous home. Loners were also harder to come by, which was both good and bad. The pack no longer faced troubles from enemy packs or rogues, but also fewer wolves came by to join their ranks, eventually leaving the pack in a very small and weak state. Yet they still hung on, striving for survival, as the memories of Nakariave faded to stories, then to fairytales.

Eventually came a time when barely anyone knew of the existence of Nakariave. However, the tale had been passed down through the royal bloodline, the direct descendants of Asiavik and Eska, the Allure family. One day, a brave leader by the name of Cherokee decided it was time to take back what was once theirs. Despite the many who were against her ideas, she managed to prepare the pack for departure from the mountain range, which would be left to be known as nothing more than a temporary home.

The journey soon proved to be a larger task than they could handle, and in the greater interest of the pack, they once again settled on a smaller mountain known as mt.Uyarak. It was a dangerous home, as the mountain was known for frequent avalanches. However, the settlement would only be temporary, as they planned that the younger generation would complete what they have started and make the journey back to Nakariave.

With the next generation grown to maturity, there is talk that the pack will be leaving mt.Uyarak to take on the journey once again. Will they be able to make it this time? Or will the pack fall to the snowy wasteland and be forgotten?
---------- тнє รтαтiรтicร ----------
Open Pre-joining Positions:
These will become univailable on december 31st.
2/2 level 3 ranks still available
3/3 level 2 ranks still available

Character Count:
All of the member statistics.
There are a total of ? male charactars in the pack.
There are a total of ? female characters in the pack.
There is a total of ? wolves defined as another gender within the pack.
The pack holds a total of 11 members within its ranks.

Staff List
Bubbles (LunarSkies) - Zim(Desolute) - Jojo(JoannaBannana)
feel freeto contact any of the above members if you have any questions or comments.
or you can leave a comment below.

Full Member List
Website Username (Wq username): Character 1 / Chracter 2 / Character 3 / Character 4
Bubbles (LunarSkies): Elysia / Loki / Peekaboo / Kiya
Zim (Desolute): Araceli / Zeno / Malachi
Jojo (JoannaBannana): Averik / Malicia / Ceyla / Siegi
DarknessEvolved (Not on Wolfquest): Dakarios

---------- тнє яαиkร ----------
As like most packs, Northern frost has a structured hierarchy in which each wolf holds a title that specifies certain jobs and responsibilities which they uphold in the pack. However, Northern Frost is unique in that these ranks are structured much like that of a kingdom. They are also separated into four levels, ranks in higher levels are harder to earn than those in lower. More information on each level is listed below.

Level I: Level 1 is where each wolf will start off. They have yet to prove to the royals they can handle a higher position. They have no specific job or role in the pack, yet serve as the pack's backbone. This level also holds those who are too young for a higher rank and those who have retired.

Level II: Level 2 can be easily reached through work and dedication. Once a royal has recognized their efforts, they are given a rank based on their skills and interests. These wolves are responsible for most of the pack's needs, and so hold a very important role in the packs day to day life.

Level III: Level 3 ranks are much harder to earn, and are only given to the most trusted individuals. These ranks are in charge of lower levels, making sure everyone does their job and maintaining the balance between all ranks. Wolves in these positions are looked up to and respected throughout the entire pack.

Level IV: Level 4 ranks are also known as royals. They hold authority over the entire pack. These ranks are not normally given out and consist of the king, queen, and their close friends or family members.
The Royals
King / Queen x 1
The king or Queen is the ultimate ruler of the kingdom. Their word is law. They hold the respect of the entire pack, as well as the responsibility of protecting it. This title is usually inherited and has been held by the Allure bloodline throughout the pack's history.
Heir x 1
Upon the king / Queen's litter reaching six months of age, a pup is chosen to take this position, and training will begin. After one year the pup can be replaced if they do not seem fit. If the position is kept for over one year they are destined to take the throne once the current King or Queen retires.

Council x 3
These wolves have been hand picked by the king / Queen to help lead the pack. They may be, but are not always, relatives to the king or queen. These wolves have shown the right amount of skill and devotion to the pack to become recognized, and therefore, gain the position. Upon absence of the king or Queen, they take over.

Level 3
Shaman x 1
Despite the shaman not being considered a royal rank, they uphold one on the most important jobs within the pack. These wolves have studied the many things about life, and have knowledge in many fields such as health and herbs as well as hunting and fighting techniques. They have the special job of awarding apprentices with a new rank once they become old enough.

Elite x 5
Soldiers, healers, guards, huntsmen, and scouts all have one member who is in charge, who are known as the elites. These wolves have excelled in their level II rank and were promoted the leader of that group. There is only one elite from every level II rank.

Nobles x unlimited
Nobles are high-class members of the pack who promote peace and harmony among the ranks. These wolves enforce the laws and pack ethics and are highly respected members amongst the pack. Wolves seeking help or guidance often find their answers among the nobles.
Level 2
Soldiers x unlimited
Soldiers are the protectors of the pack. They are normally the ones who chase away danger, such as bears, cougars, and other predators, but they will take care of most of the attacks in the rare case that another wolf pack becomes a threat. They serve as the pack's offense.

Healers x unlimited
Healers are very treasured members within the pack, having to be very skilled at with what they do. They are intelligent with natural resources and what can harm or help a wolf. They use herbs and other things to help heal the injured and nurture the sick. They serve as the packs healers.

Guards x unlimited
Guards update the higher ranking wolves of what is happening around the border. They are the first to defend against attackers until soldiers are able to come to their aid, or may be assigned to protect the sick or injured in times of danger. They normally serve as the pack's defense.

Huntsmen x unlimited
Huntsmen provide food for the pack. They are skilled at tracking, chasing, and taking down prey. They are knowledgeable of where the best hunting spots are, and how to take down prey most efficiently. They serve as the pack's providers.
Scouts x unlimited
Scouts are best at exploring unknown territory. They always know the best escape routes in which they can lead the others in times of danger. In desperate times they will also serve as the pack's spies.
Level 1
Citizen x unlimited
Citizens are the adult wolves of the pack who do not hold a particular job or position. They are mostly between the ages of 2 and 7 years old. They help out wherever they are needed. Many different wolves are in this group leading to a diversity of skills and talents.
Elders x unlimited
Despite this rank being a level 1 rank elders should be treated with utmost respect, and are even looked up to by the royals. Being the oldest wolves in the pack, they are often very wise, as they have succeeded in overcoming many of life's challenges and surviving to old age. These wolves are usually 7+ years old.

Apprentice x unlimited
These wolves are between the ages 6 months and 1 year. They are in training for a higher position in the pack. With hard work, time, and dedication they will earn a level 2 rank after apprenticeship, however, if time and effort were not applied to their training they may end up as a citizen where they will have to continue to prove themselves to get a level 2 rank.
Adolescent x unlimited
Wolves below 6 months of age are generally too young to start training for a rank. This is the time of puppyhood, where they must learn the basic laws of the pack, and learn right from wrong. Having a lot of spare time, puppies often choose to play and exercise, which is key to learning survival traits.

---------- тнє lαwร ----------
Respect: Respect is a key factor on the site and we ask that you be respectful to our members and Staff Team in order to retain a safe and positive environment for all who visit. If you have a problem with another member please either discuss it off of the site or bring it up privately with a staff member. If you lack to show respect, we retain the right to ban you from the forum temporarily or permanently depending on the circumstances. Rude behavior will NOT be tolerated and this will be your only warning.

Roleplaying:Please refrain from roleplaying characters who's biography has not been completed and approved by a member of the staff. Any posts we find will be deleted with or without notice. This is to keep characters who do not fit in the setting OUT of the rp and to avoid confusion.

Liquid Time: Northern Frost ALLOWS liquid-roleplay. Liquid roleplay allows you to rp in multiple threads at once. Therefore you will not have to miss out on any interesting or plot-related threads because you are already roleplaying with your character elsewhere. Just make sure you are able to keep up with ALL threads you join.

The Chatroom: Northern Frost has an in character chatroom which you can optionally rp in. Upon creating a character, users are asked to decide where they will be rp'ing their character and must choose between threads, ICC chatroom, or both. This also means some people might make characters who are only going to be roleplayed in the chatroom and will not be on the forum or vice-versa. Though you are ENCOURAGED to participate in both thread nd chat rp, it is NOT required to do both.

Literate Posts: Please make sure that all roleplay posts are in English, and use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation so others can understand what you're saying. We have a minimum word count of 100 words, but you are encouraged to write more if applicable. Most importantly, make sure you post something that gives your rp partner(s) the opportunity to respond.

Diversity and Creativity: Diversity is encouraged at Northern Frost! We look for unique character traits that separate your characters from others. Please try to avoid popular cliques when creating your characters, and make sure all the traits you give them are meaningful and your own idea. We also allow different sexualities and gender identification.

Amount of Characters: You may have a total of four characters on the site, however, you must be able to stay active with them all if you choose to have more than one. In other words, don't make characters unless you actually plan on roleplaying them. Also, you may not make a bunch of characters at once. your previous character MUST have a completed and accepted biography before you can start a new one.

Character Ranks: All characters will start with a level 1 rank unless a staff has said otherwise. Higher ranks can be earned, however not all of your characters may hold a high rank. Each user is only allowed to have two characters above a level 2 rank, and all others must either be level 2 or level 1.

---------- αvαilαblє тσтємร ----------
Badger [the brave]
Those with the Badger Totem are generally more brave than others, with few exceptions. It almost appears like they are not afraid of anything, even if this is not the case they do well hiding it. However, this bravery can come at a cost, as they often end up biting off more than they can chew.
Suggested Ranks: Soldier of Scout

Beaver [the creative]
These individuals can create nearly anything as long as the materials are available to them. Their imagination goes above and beyond. They are best known for creating weapons out of resources such as sticks and stones but are also good at coming up with unique battle strategies.
Suggested Ranks: Soldier or Huntsman

Bear [the strong]
These wolves are strong and bold. They possess physical strength no one wants to mess with. Packed with muscle from head to tail, they are among the strongest wolves to exist. However, being so heavy with muscle does have its disadvantages when it comes to speed and maneuver.
Suggested Ranks: Soldier or Guard

Butterfly [the adaptable]
Change is part of the normal lifestyle of a butterfly, from a measly caterpillar to an angel of all insects. Those represented by the butterfly are able to adapt well to change, whether it be for good or bad, they know how to cope with all new situations. They are even often looked to for advice when someone has gone through the large change of their own.
Suggested Ranks: Huntsmen or Scout

Caribou [the explorers]
Those represented by the caribou totem, like to explore and find new things. They are best when it comes to finding new areas suitable for the pack. They do not like to work alone preferring the company of others, but have a knack for taking charge when it comes to leading the group to new locations. They possess a good sense of navigation and are less likely to get lost than others.
Suggested Ranks: Huntsman or Scout

Cougar [the courageous]
In a way, the Cougar totem can be compared to that of the Badger, however, differs slightly. Normally, those with the Cougar totem think of a plan on how they will handle the problem before running into a dangerous situation. They will put all of their efforts into a single plan but sometimes may put too much faith into something that cannot possibly be done.
Suggested Ranks: Soldier or Huntsman

Coyote [the trackers]
Those with the coyote totem have a specialty for tracking down basically anything. They have a sharp sense of smell, allowing them to keep on the scent trail of prey animals or anything else which may need to be tracked down. They are also good at finding leftover carcasses, which may be necessary if food is scarce.
Suggested Ranks: Huntsmen or Scout

Deer [The generous]
Generosity can get you far in life. Showing a little kindness will not only affect someone else but also help better yourself. Those represented by the deer understand this well. They will share their blessings with those in need, to ensure a positive future for everyone. If a wolf is frustrated with someone else, they will often seek out someone with a deer totem to help them deal with the situation, without upsetting those involved.
Suggested Ranks: Healer or Scout

Dolphin [The Intelligent]
When it comes to strategy, avoiding problems, or just knowing information about the surrounding environment, those with the dolphin totem are best. These wolves are the backbone of knowledge for the pack. They can often be more book smart than they are street smart, however, and will sometimes make rash decisions.
Suggested Ranks: Huntsmen or Scout

Eagle [The Loyal]
Loyal til the day they die, wolves with the eagle totem will do anything to help their pack, family, and friends. They are driven by the ones they love, and can sometimes be overprotective. All of their effort goes into protecting those they care for, and if someone hurts a friend or family member they will not stop until they are taken down. At the same time, these wolves are also very understanding and are friends that will stick by your side until the end.
Suggested Ranks: Guard or Huntsman

Fox [The Stealthy]
These wolves are able to move quickly without making a sound. This especially is handy when hunting. They are swift, fast, and good on their feet, able to move around obstacles without much of a challenge. They can do it all in silence, so no one hears them coming.
Suggested Ranks: Huntsmen or scout

Hare [The Speedy]
Those represented by the hare are the fastest wolves around. They are able to run at fast paces for long distances without getting the slightest bit tired. This skill comes in handy for fighting, hunting, and all sorts of other things. They are often called upon when things need to get done quickly.
Suggested Ranks: Warrior or Huntsmen

Moose [The protectors]
These wolves can come in a variety of skill sets, but one thing they all have in common is putting others before themselves. They are always willing to put their life on the line for the safety of their pack and family, without question or hesitation. They fight for those they care about and live to protect them.
Suggested Ranks: Warrior or Guard

Mouse [The Observers]
It may not seem like much, but observation can be a useful thing when you use it right. Those represented by the mouse tend to keep to themselves and observe what's going on around them. Not only are they able to memorize the details of locations, but are also full of knowledge of what's going on in the pack, just from overhearing it.
Suggested ranks: Guard or Scout

Owl [The Wise]
Those with the owl totem know all about wildlife, the earth, and how it all works. They are deeply connected to nature and know more the ways of life than nearly anyone else. Other wolves often seek out those with the owl totem for advice, and for good reason. They may not always share their knowledge, but when they do, it is important to listen up.
Suggested ranks: healer or huntsman

Seal [The entertainers]
Those represented by the seal are good at, well, being a good friend. Some say friends are the best gifts there are. These wolves are outgoing, bubbly, and like to make others smile. Though they may sometimes be seen goofing off, they are amongst the most loyal companions to have around.
Suggested ranks: Healer or Scout

---------- jσiиiиg?----------
Fill out this form to claim your first character!
Characters full name: First and last
Gender: Male or female
Age: keep it realistic for a wolf
Rank applying for: This can be any level 2 rank. Though your character will not start with this rank, there is a good chance they will gain it in the future.
Are you joining a bloodline?: Please choose from open bloodlines if you are joining one!
Totem: Choose from the list of available totems.
Personality overview: Keep it brief
History: Any significant, unusual, or traumatizing events in your characters history must be listed. If your characters history was uneventful, you do not need to complete this field.
Threads, chat, or both?: Where will you rp this character? We offer both thread and chatroom rp.

Code: Select all

[b]Characters full name:[/b] 
[b]Rank applying for:[/b]
[b]Are you joining a bloodline?:[/b]
[b]Personality overview:[/b]
[b]Threads, chat, or both?:[/b]
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Re: norтнern ғroѕт - м:4 - new + accepтιng! ❄

Post by Desolute » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:43 pm

A very detailed post Luna :p. Hopefully, we'll be getting some new members.
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Re: norтнern ғroѕт - м:4 - new + accepтιng! ❄

Post by wolffs rock » Sun Dec 25, 2016 1:14 am

Well crap. You lured me in to this. :lol: P.S. Read the wholeeeee thing. It looks and is amazing.

Characters full name: Luce Shepard
Gender: Male
Age: 3 and a half.
Rank applying for: Scout. Any level if you would let me.
Are you joining a bloodline?: Frostfire if i may?
Totem: Seal. Pwease?
Personality overview: Bubbly, goofie, sometimes lazy. Loyal.
History: Shepard was abandon when he was young after watching his parents being killed, he wanted to end his life as well but after a journey of self-discovery realized that he had a lot going for him. So he worked hard to become a scout only to prove to himself that life still mattered to him.
Threads, chat, or both?: Both
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Re: norтнern ғroѕт - м:4 - new + accepтιng! ❄

Post by Kamaal » Sun Dec 25, 2016 5:50 am

You just earned another stalker. The pack looks very lovely!
I ran out of snarky remarks, unfortunately.
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Re: norтнern ғroѕт - м:4 - new + accepтιng! ❄

Post by Noxeon » Sun Dec 25, 2016 3:43 pm

wolffs rock wrote:Well crap. You lured me in to this. :lol: P.S. Read the wholeeeee thing. It looks and is amazing.

Characters full name: Luce Shepard
Gender: Male
Age: 3 and a half.
Rank applying for: Scout. Any level if you would let me.
Are you joining a bloodline?: Frostfire if i may?
Totem: Seal. Pwease?
Personality overview: Bubbly, goofie, sometimes lazy. Loyal.
History: Shepard was abandon when he was young after watching his parents being killed, he wanted to end his life as well but after a journey of self-discovery realized that he had a lot going for him. So he worked hard to become a scout only to prove to himself that life still mattered to him.
Threads, chat, or both?: Both
You are accepted, Luce! So glad to see you're interested in the pack!
You may sign up on the site and start on your biography whenever you feel. Roleplay should officially start on the 31st. Can't wait to meet you and your character!

Kamaal wrote:You just earned another stalker. The pack looks very lovely!
Thank you Kamaal for the complement!

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