Province abandons wolf sterilization plan

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Province abandons wolf sterilization plan

Post by pawnee » Tue Oct 28, 2008 8:53 am

Cathy Ellis, For The Calgary Herald
Published: Saturday, October 25, 2008
A controversial government-endorsed experiment to sterilize adult wolves and kill off most other members of their packs in order to boost elk numbers has been scrapped.

Provincial officials say they decided against proceeding with the University of Alberta experiment based on the advice of a scientific panel struck in the face of opposition to the proposal.

But officials with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development say they still want to boost elk numbers and reduce the number of wolves near Clearwater, 230 kilometres northwest of Calgary.

The area is considered to have some of the highest densities of wolves in North America.

The department is considering a reduction in the number of elk tags issued for hunting, while at the same time encouraging hunting groups to offer bounties to hunt wolves.

"We'll be looking at access management and habitat enhancement and reviewing the hunting allocations in that area," said Darcy Whiteside, a department spokesman.

The province says the the U of A will still be studying wolves in the Clearwater area to gather important information on wolf ecology.

Paul Paquet, who is considered one of North America's leading wolf experts and was appointed to the province's science committee, welcomed the decision to scrap the sterilization plan.

When it first came to light earlier this year, Paquet called the sterilization experiment "destructive and morally reprehensible," arguing sterilization could prove dangerous to the long-term viability of wolves in the region.

But the Alberta Fish & Game Association, which voiced support for the U of A experiment, is not happy.

Maurice Nadeau, the group's president, said the problem is that there are too many wolves in the region.

"To help boost elk populations by reducing hunter participation of the harvest in those areas, that is totally backwards. The province should deal with wolves, not elk," he said.

Cathy Ellis is a reporter for the Rocky Mountain Outlook

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Re: Province abandons wolf sterilization plan

Post by TimberWolfie » Fri Oct 31, 2008 11:32 pm

Wow, thank you Pawnee for sharing this with us. This is a very interesting piece of information and everyone should know and be aware about it. Thank you once again.
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