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Italian wolves migrate to Spain, may breed with Iberian wolf

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 9:48 pm
by Koa
The wished appointment of the Iberian wolf with the Italian
Experts hope that copies of this canid that have crossed the Pyrenees will mix with the native ones and improve the species
By Manuel Planelles, March 14, 2018

They are wolves ( Canis lupus ). But they are not Iberian, but Italians, as the Administrations and experts affirm. It is not the first time that the presence of wolves whose origin is in the populations of Italy is discovered in Spain, as the genetic analysis has shown. "Since 1999, 15 specimens have been detected in Catalonia and now two in Aragon," explains Juan Carlos Blanco, a doctor in Biology and an expert in this species. And specialists are hoping for a (reproductive) encounter between the two populations - some scientists argue that they are subspecies, although it is a controversial issue - that enriches the species.
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