Shark attacks boat off Australia coast

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Shark attacks boat off Australia coast

Post by Blightwolf » Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:52 am

Shark attacks boat off Australia coast
January 4, 2011

PERTH, Australia - Five Australian men out on a fishing trip say their boat was attacked by a 16-foot great white shark off the country's coast south of Perth.

The group, on a family fishing trip off Busselton, Western Australia, say the shark circled the boat, nudged the side, then disappeared only to reappear and attack the boat, Perth Now reported Tuesday.

The men said they had just returned to the boat after swimming when the shark first appeared.

One of the men, Paul Sweeney, said he nearly fell overboard as he attempted to catch the assault on camera.

As the shark got more aggressive the men fled in their boat.

They later found bite marks and part of the shark's tooth lodged in the propeller, Perth Now reported.

Source: ... 294162573/

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Re: Shark attacks boat off Australia coast

Post by soloreclipse » Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:25 pm

This sound like jaws! :shock: lol That'd be VERY scary to say the least. It's very interesting. Thanks for posting.
Why are you reading this? You just wasted 2 seconds of your life reading this!!!!

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Re: Shark attacks boat off Australia coast

Post by Alpha Female » Mon Jan 31, 2011 1:21 pm

Wow, that's an interesting story. I'm glad no one was hurt, though that must have been frightening.
Thanks for sharing Blight.

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Re: Shark attacks boat off Australia coast

Post by Crocotto » Mon Jan 31, 2011 4:06 pm

soloreclipse wrote:This sound like jaws! :shock: lol That'd be VERY scary to say the least. It's very interesting. Thanks for posting.
oh please. I saw this on the news and the article blew it WAY out of proportion. The shark was merely taking an exploratory bump when the men bailed out. They left the motor running and that's why the shark NIPPED it. ALL of the 'viscous bite marks' on the hull were also just nips. Shark's can't manipulate objects, so they either nip or bump it to explore it. Most shark 'attacks' on boats and humans are just that, nips. The sharks rarely even bite off wood or muscle like the news reports say they do

A better title for the both this thread or the new article would be
Shark Inspects boat
Shark nibbles on boat
Not too scary now is it?

I guarantee you by the time you read this message at least 15 ya-hoos have gone out killing sharks to 'stop the monster'

People love scary stories and they've made the shark their monster of choice.
With all the fishing, boating, and swimming, added to the behaviors people exhibit while doing such activities; it's a miracle shark attacks are as infrequent as they are.

People killed around the world by sharks every years: >15
People killed yearly by tigers, wolves, or elephants: <150
People killed by falling coconuts: <500

You have a better chance of delivering a baby, then getting conked on the head by a coconut, then struck by lightning several times on your way to the beach then be even attacked by a shark when you get there
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Re: Shark attacks boat off Australia coast

Post by Grin » Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:33 pm

No one ever suspects coconuts...

Although I'm sure that this "attack" is over exaggerated, like Crocotto stated above, the video that these men captured is probably interesting. I would watch it, but it won't load for me at the moment.

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