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Animals and Natural Disasters

Posted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:05 pm
by moozie
Okay... So we watched this PBS special the other day in my animal science class and I found it extreamly interesting. It is called 'Can Animals Predict Disaster?' and I thought it would make an interesting topic to discuss here on the forums.

Before I watched it I dont think it ever would have occured to me but after watching, I must say, I believe they can. And Im not talking about phychic animals or anything. Im a person of science and I like proof. And the video provides what I believe to be resonable evidence to explain why they have this ability.

So basically what I want to know is do you think they can? Do you believe that animals have the ability to predict natural disasters? I am intrested to see what people have to say.

Below is the link to the video we watched in class just incase anyone wanted to watch it them selves. It is long just so everyone knows, 'cause it is basically a movie not some clip. Also there is one slightly upseting shot of an elephant who has its front legs chained about half way through. It isnt to long but I felt I should just mention that just incase. But that is all. The rest is fine and really interesting.

You dont have to see the video but I would highly recomend it. I thought it was really interesting. ... isode/268/

Also here are some clips from the show if you do not wish to view the entire program:

^This one is a preview for the video. It really doesn't have any interesting facts or proof but I figured I would throw it up anyway.

^I believe this is the one Jinxy was talking about. It is really quite interesting.

^This one is about elephants predicting disaster.

^This one is about a tsunami.

I will probably put some others up at a later date but for now this will have to do.

And please note, I did a bit of searching but did not see a topic like this. Also I was completly guessing with posting in this perticular forum. But if any mods think it belongs else where, then by all means please move it.

Re: Animals and Natural Disasters

Posted: Fri Sep 23, 2011 5:16 pm
by Jinxy
Hey Moozles! I started to watch some of that video and your right, it is really interestiong and I have to say... If someone had asked me before I think I would have had my doubts but I think Im a believer now.

I didnt finish the video though, I had to stop after the guy that predicts earthquakes. I liked him. I thought that was cool... I will probably finish the video at a later date.

But could I make a suggestion? Prehaps you could post different clips from the video instead of the full video. People would probably be more willing to watch a few, like five minute clips more than a video thats over an hour long. There are probably clips somewhere on youtube... Just a suggestion.

Re: Animals and Natural Disasters

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2011 5:34 pm
by moozie
Hey Jinxer!

Im glad Im not the only one who finds it interesting! I liked the earthquake guy too! I forget his name but I want to say it was Tim or Jim... something like that... He was cool!

And thanks for the suggestion! Ill deffinetly try and do that. Though I haven't had much free time lately and only been able to get online for short amounts of time. But Ill try and look some up the first chance I get! And please don't be affraid to offer any other suggestions!

Re: Animals and Natural Disasters

Posted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:05 pm
by lightshadowwolf223
Yes i think this hsould prove it :P

On December 26, 2004, an earthquake along the floor of the Indian Ocean was responsible for a tsunami that claimed the lives of thousands of people in Asia and East Africa. In the midst of all the destruction, wildlife officials at Sri Lanka's Yala National Park have reported no mass animal deaths. Yala National Park is a wildlife reserve populated by hundreds of wild animals including elephants, leopards, and monkeys. Researchers believe that these animals were able to sense the danger long before humans.

I all ways back up my hopothisis with facts.