Intraspecific Aggression/Territorial Behavior in Bobcats

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Intraspecific Aggression/Territorial Behavior in Bobcats

Post by Flamesky » Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:44 pm

I am working on a story (outside of Wolfquest) about bobcats which is set in Virginia. I want the animal behavior depicted in my story to be fairly accurate with what happens in the wild. So I am looking for some good sources you could direct me towards to research bobcat behavior. Specifically, I have these questions.

How aggressive or territorial are bobcats toward each other? How do they fight each other?
Would a resident bobcat attack a kitten that trespassed in his territory?
Does a female bobcat always take her kittens with her on hunts? In what circumstances would they stay behind at the den site?
Do bobcats disperse from their birth range like cougars do?
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