Carl the Coyote's Diary

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Carl the Coyote's Diary

Post by BerryCupcakes » Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:42 pm

Hello... I'm Carl the Coyote! Carla and I often scavenge together, sometimes hunting delicious wolf pups. :P
Hehehe.. I've caught so many wolf pups, WAY more than Bob and Bobette have.

I'm coyote royalty.

Ha, anyways... Have you ever seen and smelled an elk carcass? Horrible smell, great taste. But of course you know that, you're a wolf.
I like wolves. They hunt elk they never finish so we coyotes get to eat them.
We get to dine on wolf pups that you guys so carelessly don't protect. I mean, sureeee I've been killed over and over again by you 'cause you can... often be on guard, but HEY I'm trying, okay? :D

Carla's awesome, by the way. She's my best friend.
Ugh you probably know that, 'cause...
You're a wolf.

So, today we're going to raid Bison Peak Cutoff because I hear the pups born there are delicious. I have no idea, though.

Ack, didn't work. Two wolves killed me. I guess I'll try again tomorrow. Seeya later, diary!
-Love, Carl the Coyote

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Re: Carl the Coyote's Diary

Post by UtahHusky » Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:35 pm

(I'm going to make a fox diary here, cause I wanted to do this for a while.)

Flare the Fox's Diary
Day: ???

Hi there! I'm Flare, a fox who fends off coyotes from prey. Now you might think you like me because I'm defending the elk you caught but nope. I fend off coyotes because I eat your elk, moose, and rabbit carcasses.
I enjoy watching wolves from a distance, making sure you never notice me. Sadly, I'm horrible at being quiet and sneaky. I'm chased quite often, and it is annoying. Nobody except the fastest of wolves can catch me!
Coyotes are always after your pups, but guess what! I'm not! I love to eat those leftovers of elk near your den though. I love the warm meat of a recently hunted elk. But moose is WAYYY better than elk. It's scent is fresh and almost better than the meat. However, rabbit is delicious! I love all food! (Except for fellow predators, like me)

Today I watched a small pack of wolves feeding some pups. They were marking their territory when Carl (an old friend of mine) walked towards a pup and attempted to kill it. But the adult wolves saw Carl approaching. They killed Carl, and went back to marking their territory.

I don't want to eat your pups because your scent is a bit nasty. Not to mention you don't ever look for my kits/pups.
That's all I did today.
Wolves are the wind, and I am the Willow tree.

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Re: Carl the Coyote's Diary

Post by paperpaws » Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:05 am

As this is a bit too far from game discussion to belong in General WolfQuest Discussion and I see no place for these in any other boards, I'm afraid I am going to have to lock this. Generally, writing and roleplay are discouraged outside of the appropriate boards and threads. Feel free to check out these places to see of they are of any interest to you:
  • » WolfQuest Roleplay Thread — Currently only allows wolf roleplay, but is the go-to thread on the forums if you wish to participate in any on-site RP.
    » User Writings — For realistic, wolf-related writing
    » Wild Canid User Writings — For realistic, non-wolf canine-related writing (including coyotes and foxes).
Thank you for understanding!


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