Help the WolfQuest Team! Hunting Scenario

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Re: Help the WolfQuest Team! Hunting Scenario

Post by SheWolff » Fri Nov 16, 2007 10:29 pm

Pack comes across grazing herd of elk:

"Hey check that out over there! That smells like supper... Ok, we will first single out a sick or weak one, then take it down, mates. No need to expend our energy on one that is quick when there is one who is an easier kill, right?"

In Scent Vison, come across an elk trail:

"Whoa, I picked up something! Fresh too. Looks like it's going (N,S, E,W). Ok mates, lets take to this and see what we have. Any time is elk time!"

Successful elk kill:

"Good going mates! Now we will feast on this until our bellies are full and cache the rest for later. What do you think you are doing?!! Get back in line and feed when it's your turn! Ok, we are done. Have at it."

A coyote tries to steal parts of the carcass:

"Get the hell out of here or you'll become the next meal! Go kill your own elk, you thieving piece of canine crap! Keep watch mates, he might try to come back for another try...if he does, kill him!"
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Re: Help the WolfQuest Team! Hunting Scenario

Post by Kaiji » Mon Nov 26, 2007 12:33 pm

Your pack comes upon a herd of elk grazing in front of you.
Split up
surround the herd
BE quiet!
Is anyone hungry?

In Scent Vision, you come across the trail for an elk.
I scent elk!
Elk to the north/south/east/west/NW/NE/etc!

You have just successfully killed an elk.
Good work, pack!
Let's eat!

A coyote tries to steal part of your carcass.
Get him/her!
This is ours!

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Re: Help the WolfQuest Team! Hunting Scenario

Post by WQ Project Coordinator » Mon Nov 26, 2007 12:51 pm

Thank you for your input. You can keep contributing to this topic.
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