Birds of WolfQuest

Birds of WolfQuest 2.7

In addition to ravens and eagles, five species of birds are seen and heard in WolfQuest. All five bird models have basic animations that provide visual and auditory interest rather than completely accurate, species-specific behaviors. They flit around all the maps and most habitats, depending on their species.

American robin (Turdus migratorius)

The American robin is a familiar thrush with a bright red-orange belly and brown back. Male and female American robins look a lot alike. They are very active in the day foraging for worms, caterpillars and berries.

Western tanager (Piranga ludoviciana)

The Western tanager is a medium-sized American songbird found throughout the West. The male western tanager, with its bright yellow body, black wings and orange head. The duller colored female is not seen in the game. Western tanagers live in open woods particularly among evergreens. In WolfQuest they flit around nearer to the ground as a general animation. But in real life western tanagers tend to stay higher up in the canopy, filling the woods with their song and calls. They eat insects and fruits.

House sparrow (Passer domesticus)

The house sparrow is a species of sparrow that is invasive, meaning it isn’t originally from North America. However, it is very adaptable and is now found all over, including Yellowstone. There are lots of other native species of sparrows, in Yellowstone Park too, so that little brown bird you see could easily be one of them. Listen for audio of house sparrows, song sparrows, chipping sparrows and white-crowned sparrows in the game. Sparrows eat seed and insects.

Mountain chickadee (Poecile gambeli)

The mountain chickadee is a small songbird found in Yellowstone. Males and females look very similar. They eat insects and conifer seeds. In the game they only flit around for visual interest. But in real life they are often seen in the branches of conifers hanging upside down and hammering seeds open with their little beaks. Their song chick-adee-dee-dee can be heard in the game.

Birds of the WolfQuest 2.7 Soundscape

There are many birds you will hear as you play the game. Different birds will be heard depending on habitat, season and time of day.

  1. Western tanager
  2. American robin
  3. Mountain chickadee
  4. House sparrow
  5. Song sparrow
  6. Chipping sparrow
  7. White-crowned sparrow
  8. Common raven
  9. Red-winged blackbird
  10. Canada goose
  11. Great horned owl
  12. Yellow warbler
  13. Dark-eyed junco
  14. Hairy woodpecker
  15. Mountain bluebird
  16. Clark's nutcracker
  17. Warbling vireo
  18. Ruffed grouse
  19. Wilson's snipe
  20. Western meadowlark
  21. Dusky flycatcher
  22. Lazuli bunting
  23. Pine sisken
  24. Northern flicker
  25. Ruby-crowned kinglet
  26. Cassin's finch