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Wolfkeeper Notes
December 14, 2007

A New Season on the Trek

Image of Ulie
What a difference a year can make to the zookeeping staff (and animals) on the Northern Trail. You will be happy to know that the three females were finally able to make their short journey to their new home in Forest Lake, MN. We got word from the Wildlife Science Center that they would be able to take the females on December 13th. Just before noon, the keeper staff did a quick capture of all three wolves, loaded them into their specially designed transport crates, put them into the truck that would take them north, and off they went! Within the hour, they were met at their new home by the staff and the media to document their transfer. It is always nice when a transfer can take place between facilities that are fairly close to one another than on opposite ends of the country. The needs of this program come first though, but it is an added benefit.

This leaves the Minnesota Zoo with their group of four males-Tano, Ulie, Raja, and Frisco. All brothers, all born at the zoo, with just a year's difference between them. We are heading into the breeding season and with the cooler weather, the hormone levels are beginning to increase. Right now the group is fairly stable, but this can change very quickly...how quickly is up to the wolves. We are hoping that things will stay manageable and that we won't have a repeat of February 2007 in 2008. Stay tuned to the website for any changes. For right now, we want to encourage you to take the time to come out to the zoo and see the pack for yourself. Winter is their season to shine-thicker coats, more activity, less traffic at the viewing windows...and the howling doesn't get any better than this!

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