Early Access for PC/Mac Released!

With the release of the first episode, Amethyst Mountain, in Early Access for PC/Mac on Steam and on July 25, 2019, players can experience the life of a wild wolf as never before!

WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition is a free update to players who own WolfQuest 2.7.

Why Early Access? The Anniversary Edition is a complete remake of the original WolfQuest game, redesigned from the ground up. Given the larger scope of the game, the more realistic gameplay, and greater complexity of the AI and the eco-simulation, the game has reached a playable state but it is not completely finished. Some bugs remain, much polish needs to be done, and the second episode, with pups, is still in development. But since the game is in a solid, playable state, we are releasing it as Early Access for PC/Mac so players can enjoy what is there while waiting for further improvements, multiplayer, as well as the second episode Slough Creek.

Slough Creek, Multiplayer, and Mobile Versions - Now in Development!

Now available in Early Access for PC/Mac on Steam,, and, WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition is a complete remake of the game -- bigger and better in every way.

While in Early Access, we will be updating the game frequently with more features, multiplayer, and ultimately the Slough Creek episode with pups. The mobile version will come after the game is completed on PC/Mac platforms.

WolfQuest is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android & Kindle.

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Tower Fall - Future Episode!

Tower Fall is a whole new episode/map which will continue life with pups! What will be in the new episode?

In the first weeks of June, the pups frolic at the rendezvous site in Slough Creek while their parents bring them their first meals of fresh elk meat. When the elk herds move down into the Lamar Valley, the pack follows — only to find other packs have already established territories in the valley. So they journey further south, up and over Specimen Ridge, then down into the valley of the Yellowstone River. There, on the banks of the Yellowstone, with Tower Fall thundering nearby, the pack makes a new home amidst fellow predators and plentiful prey. Here the pack will stake out a new territory, protect their family from danger, and and raise a new generation of skilled hunters.

The Tower Fall expansion will be an in-game purchase (DLC) and released after WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition.

WolfQuest 3 Devblog Posts

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  • Stand Out From the Pack

    Wolf Customization Options

    Published on Sep 27, 2018

    Watch the video:

    We’ve finished setting up the customization options you can use to create and modify your wolf, so let’s take a look at that in today’s video. Many of these are the same body modifications as in WolfQuest 2.7, but we’re using a different method for them in WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition which will allow more variety. Now you’ll be able to mix and match as many modifications as you want! Not only that, you can adjust the degree of each one to create a more unique wolf.

    • Coats: We still have five basic coats, but we created those textures way back in 2007, so they’re overdue for an upgrade. We’re remaking all five coat textures, and here’s the first one, replacing the old Tawny wolf coat. As before, you can adjust the tint of the coats to create lighter or darker variations. All the other coats will still be available as well (and on mobile, your purchases will carry over to WolfQuest 3). Please note that WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition will not have additional coats, but we know that many players would like more and are considering options to add more in the future.

    • Eyes: As we showed in an earlier devblog, you can choose and tint your wolf’s eye color to create a range of accurate eye colors found in wild wolves, from gray to yellow (with the palest of yellow-green) to gold to brown. See the video and read the post: “Eye of the Beholder” at

    • Howls: Based on our poll from a few months ago, every howl in WQ 2.7 is loved by somebody, so we’re keeping all of them — and adding a lot more! Not only that, but your wolf will have two howls, a primary and a secondary, which you play by tapping the H key or Howl button once or twice. Rallies just got a lot more melodious!

    • Ears: We have the same choices of ear customizations (torn, bent, flat, and notched) but not only can you modify the degree of each, now you can combine them, as you like.

    • Body: Along with the radio collar option, you can now adjust your wolf’s neck ruff, body mass, tail fluffiness, and even fine-tune the mangy tail options. As before, male wolves are larger than female wolves and you can still vary the size using the strength stat slider.

    • Stats: Same as before, with sliders for strength, stamina, and speed.

    • Personality: Your actions are how you convey your wolf’s personality in the game, of course. But now you can set your wolf’s personality traits using the same scales assigned to the NPC wolves (bold-cautious, social-loner, energetic-lazy). These settings will then be used in the WQ genetics system and will combine with your mate’s stats to help determine your pups’ personalities.

    To learn more about these systems, see the videos and posts: - “For Better or For Worse” (mate AI and personality) at “Genes Behind the Scenes” at - Bio: Finally, you can write a short biography of your wolf that other players can see in the Pack Stats panel in multiplayer games.

    Thank you all for your ideas and feedback that helped guide us as we’ve updated the wolf customization system for WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition!

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  • You Had Me at Playbow

    New courtship gameplay for WolfQuest 3

    Watch the video:

    Not long after wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone, researchers witnessed — for the first time ever — a lone dispersal wolf joining a pack to become a breeder and pack leader. This encounter lasted many hours and involved a great deal of howling, tail wagging, playbowing, and other social interactions before the lone wolf was accepted into the pack. While that encounter involved a dispersal joining an existing pack, it provides a good guide to how dispersal wolves likely meet and interact when deciding whether to form a pack. So we drew on this knowledge when crafting the “social arena” in WolfQuest back in 2007, which we designed as a stylized turn-based encounter that emphasizes the communicative aspects of certain social behaviors.

    We’re drawing again on that seminal 2002 paper about the Yellowstone wolves, but as with every aspect of WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition, we’re going bigger with the new social arena. We wanted to make this new courtship gameplay more naturalistic, giving every wolf freedom of movement to create a more dynamic situation. We also wanted to let each wolf’s personality shine through. But the biggest fundamental decision was to discard the quiz-structure of the old social arena. Instead of requiring a correct sequence of emotes, many different emotes (from a subset appropriate for courtship) can boost a potential mate’s level of interest. But then what’s the gameplay? Aha — it’s not IF you can persuade another wolf to be your mate, it’s if you can successfully persuade the wolf you WANT to be your mate.

    So instead of the old stylized 2D turn-based encounter, courtship in WQ3 will involve the free-roaming player and one — or more — other wolves who might become your mate. Yes, our science advisors tell us that it’s common for dispersal wolves to roam with siblings, so you’re just as likely to meet a pair of wolves, or perhaps even three — each of whom might be interested in finding a mate for themselves. (Not all wolves you encounter will be so friendly, of course, but we’ll talk about that in another blog post.) Some of these wolves will respond more readily to your courting. So as you interact with them, you can get a sense of their personality from their actions, to help you decide which (if any) you’d like to have as a mate. Furthermore, you should also evaluate their genetic diversity to avoid picking a mate that is too closely related to you or would make a bad genetic combination with you (see our Genetics video:

    Once you do persuade another wolf by filling their heart-meter, you and your potential mate can proceed into the second phase of courtship, to further evaluate each other before making your final decision. We’ll talk about that a future blog post.

    A couple notes: - We’re still polishing the wolf movement — it’s pretty good but not as smooth as we are aiming for in the final game. - Currently the potential mates do not do any contact emotes (chin rest, lick muzzle, sniff noses) — we hope to add that, but it’s a bit tricky. - Though you can meet many more potential mates than before, wolves are monogamous so you have to choose just one. - We do hope to add the possibility of your mate dying — so you then need to find a new mate — but most likely will add it in an update next year.

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  • By Pupular Demand

    New pups coming to WolfQuest 3 (Slough Creek)!

    Watch the video:

    Pups are such a central attraction of WolfQuest that it’s hard to believe the game lacked them initially. But those furballs we added in WolfQuest 2 back in 2010 now are getting a bit long in the tooth, so we decided to remake them along with the rest of the game for WolfQuest 3. Our partner GIM, in Slovakia, is responsible for these adorable new creations.

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