Fierce, large weasles with formidible skills.

Found only in Hellroaring Mountain map (DLC)

Wolverines are the largest of terrestrial mustelids with an even bigger reputation for ferocity. With their powerful jaws and claws, they can and do take on much larger animals. They are solitary predators with huge territories and wolves will most likely encounter them at carcasses. Wolves will kill wolverines to eliminate competition but probably require packmates to do so safely.

Wolverines are excellent hunters but will happily scavenge from wolf kills.

Quick Facts

Wolverine (Gulo gulo)

The wolverine is a mid-size carnivore in the weasel family. It is active throughout the year in cold, snowy, high elevation environments to which it is well adapted. Wolverines are very rare Yellowstone National Park but they are competition for other carnivores.

  • SIZE: 8–18 kg (18–40 lb)

  • TOP SPEED: 48 kph (30 mph)

  • DIET: Opportunistic eaters, wolverines both scavenge for carrion and hunt live prey such as rodents, birds, eggs, beavers, squirrels, marmots, and mice. They can also take down much larger prey. Powerful jaws allow wolverines to tear off meat even if it has frozen solid. Their eating style has earned them the reputation of "glutton". Wolverines will also eat vegetation including whitebark pine nuts.

Wolverines are very rare in Yellowstone National Park with only a handful living in the area where the WolfQuest Hellroaring Mountain map (DLC) is set.

Wolverines are competition. You are most likely to encounter them at carcasses which they may defend ferociously.

Wolverines are a threat to wolf pups if they encounter them out and about but they don't raid dens in the game.

Wolverines are faster than wolves and ready to rumble so a lone wolf might steer clear.

In real life, wolves are not known to eat wolverines or other carnivores (they probably don’t taste good) so wolverines are not edible in the game.