WolfQuest Development Team (2017 to present)

Game Development

  • Game Producer and Designer: David T. Schaller
  • Community Manager and Content Developer: Susan A. Nagel
  • Systems Designer and Unity Developer: Tommi Horttana
  • Lead Software Developer: Mikko Rasa
  • Unity Developer: Andrei Michel Schwingel
  • Additional Unity Programming: Nick Crosgrove, Zachary White
  • 3D Animal Artists: Steve Adamson, GIM Studio, Phillip Guerrero
  • Environment Artists: Kerry Baldino, Toby Fredson, Omar Chelos, Alex Yung, Matt Rolfe, Donovin Peterman-McDowell
  • Music: Tim Buzza and Ben Woolman
  • Gameplay Advisor and Quality Assurance: George T. Schaller
  • Graphic Designer: Duncan Bell
  • Game Logo: Juliet Manolias
  • Achievement Icons: Jessie Clarey-Berthiaume
  • 2D Map Illustrator: Julio Iglesias
  • Backend Developer: Paul Zobitz
  • Website Developer: Michael Christopherson
  • Quality Assurance: JayZX535/JayPlays Gaming, Noah Royal

Science Advisors

  • Dr. Daniel R. MacNulty, Utah State University
  • Dr. Daniel Stahler, Yellowstone National Park
  • Lori Schmidt, International Wolf Center
  • Dr. L. David Mech, U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Minnesota
  • Thomas Gable, University of Minnesota

Technical Consultants

  • Lars Bertram
  • Georges Paz
  • Jason Booth

Audio Sources

National Park Service; Macaulay Library; International Wolf Center; Wolf Park; Voyageurs Wolf Project; Big Cat Cougar Rescue; Dr. Jacob Job, Sound and Light Ecology Team, Colorado State University/Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division of the National Park Service; SoundDogs; Sound Ideas; Pond5; and Rosco the Dog

Beta Testers

Breanna Booker, Serena Carter, Amber Claesen, Jessie Clarey-Berthiaume, Madison Hogan, JayZX535, Juliet Manolias, Madeline Monroe, Neamara, Nor'Easter Forecast, Elyse Panici, Tiller, Rowan Tobias, Charlotte van der Made and many other dedicated players.

Past Teams

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To everyone who donated to the game: Thank you so much!

Special thanks:

Grant Spickelmier, Leah Darst, Michelle Housenga, Steven Allison-Bunnell, WolfQuest Community Moderators, and the WolfQuest Community for helping WolfQuest celebrate ten years and beyond.